About Insposure

Insposure originated from the idea of conveying portfolio management expertise both to non-trading companies running trading related risks (but do not yet approach them as such), and to trading companies wanting to further professionalize in outright, embedded and real options. Insposure was founded in 2009 by Sjoerd Schneider.

Insposure approaches not just one commodity or one type of commodity. We regard all your company's exposures and approach them as parts of one dynamic portfolio. Most important is knowing what your company’s exposures actually are, obtaining insight in exposures. This insight creates a bird’s eye view of company-wide market risks, providing the basis of sound portfolio management.


Insposure's expertise lies within the main aspects of portfolio management and in clear transmittance of that knowledge to companies that want to improve in that field. We take much pride and joy in being in full control of the process to deliver enhanced grip on your profitability. The vast experience in trading, risk management and uncovering true market exposures makes this possible.